Most people talk about how artificial intelligence will disrupt the workforce; however, very few speak of AI’s impact on the practice of management. As AI become more ingrained within organizations, the workflow of managers, as well as the emphasis on managerial skills will shift in focus. Design, creativity, and innovation are now the most desired managerial skills. 


Insight 1: AI is streamlining the workflow of managers 

Managers are becoming more efficient as AI-powered computers can complete routine and administrative tasks. Managers can spend more time on other important tasks. 


Insight 2: AI is improving the decision-making of managers 

Advances in AI are making in possible for managers to analysis a wealth of data when decisions need to be made. 


Insight 3: AI is enabling managers to focus more on strategy and innovation 

AI systems can free up managers’ time so managers can focus on decisions, solutions, and strategies. 


Machines are “making managers smarter, more efficient and more effective.”  


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