5 Key Things to Look Forward to in 2017 


Positive reinforcement 

The idea of deep reinforcement learning has gained recognition over the last year amidst Google’s AlphaGo victory in the ancient Chinese game “Go.” In 2017, it is expected reinforcement learning will be applied to automated driving and robotics. 


Dueling neutral networks 

The Neutral Information Processing Systems (NIPS) conference in Barcelona has generated buzz regarding generative adversarial networks. This machine-learning approach, invented by Ian Goodfellow, has the ability to create pragmatic synthetic data. Yoshua Bengio (Goodfellow’s PhD advisory at the University of Montreal) mentions this idea is especially important as it presents “ways for computers to learn from unlabeled data.” 


China’s AI boom 

Is this the year China sees a boom in artificial intelligence in the tech industry? Chinese investors are investing heavily into AI-focused startups, while the government agrees to invest $15 million by 2018. 


Language learning 

An upcoming focus for AI researchers is voice and language recognition. Researchers are working on the concept of meaningful communication and interaction between humans and computers. 


Backlash to the hype 

AI research gained a great deal of hype in 2016. However, although hype provides passion and excitement when breakthroughs do happen, hype can also lead to disappointment and major loss in investment when failure occur. Some forecast some backlash against this hype in 2017. 


Prospects are high beginning the new year for AI. While 2016 saw its share of breakthroughs, 2017 is looking like it will be an exciting one in its own regard. Click below for the full article and a breakdown of the top five predictions for growth in AI. 


Full article: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/603216/5-big-predictions-for-artificial-intelligence-in-2017/


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