Tech analyst Tim Bajarin identifies what he believes to be the biggests trends and issues in technology for 2017:


President Trump’s Impact

As the new President is inaugurated this January, he’s approach to the tech industry is unclear and unpredictable. Will his actions as President hurt the tech world?


Augmented/Mixed Reality Will Be More Important Than Virtual Reality

With the introduction of Niantic’s Pokemon Go game, audiences worldwide now are interested in AR – Augmented Reality. Apple CEO Cook released statements that AR may be becoming more of a focus for the company than VR – Virtual Reality. What can we expect for the new iPhone expected to be released fall of 2017?


2-in-1 Computers Take Off

The new goal for the new year in the PC industry is to move consumers to the 2-in-1 and convertible computer designs. 2-in-1 designs include both a tablet and an attachable keyboard. Convertibles designs resemble more traditional laptop designs, but feature touch screen abilities and a detachable keyboard.


Car buyers will increasingly demand smart automobiles

Although self-drivings are not expected to be released on the market till 2022, consumers are still seeking any systems to add intelligence to cars (i.e., Apple’s CarPlay, Navdy).


Hackers and criminals will get smarter

With the emergence of new and more advanced artificial intelligence, criminals become more savvy as well. Hackers are findings ways to use artificial intelligence to automate attacks.


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