As cloud computing is becoming the norm for computing infrastructure, there are several approaches business should think about to take full advantage of the cloud.


Take Vertical Slices

This approach involves designating cloud projects by vertical slices rather than horizontal. Although horizontal slices promotes efficiency, separating your projects vertically enables greater flexibility and ease of change for the process.


Call for a Scrum Team

Breaking down project teams into “scrum pieces” is a great practice in the ever-changing environment for cloud technologies. Sometimes, the easiest way to get things done is one step at a time.


Changing Role of APIs

As Application Programming Interface (API) comes a crucial part of customer experience, adaptability and renovation has become increasingly important. The interface and actual application differ in expertise; therefore, expertise required of API functionality should be contracted to an API factory.


Human-centered Design for Global Markets

When it comes to how a user interacts with a cloud structure, the design should be “human-centered” – the focus must be on the user. It is also important to consider where the user is from, as security concerns vary across the globe.


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