Company information as of 1/1/2017

EXL (NASDAQ: EXLS) is a leading operations management and analytics company that helps businesses enhance growth and profitability in the face of relentless competition and continuous disruption. Using our proprietary award-winning Business EXLerator Framework™, which integrates analytics, automation, benchmarking, BPO, consulting, industry best practices and technology platforms, EXL looks deeper to help companies improve global operations, enhance data-driven insights, increase customer satisfaction, and manage risk and compliance. EXL serves the insurance, healthcare, banking and financial services, utilities, travel, transportation and logistics industries. Headquartered in New York, New York, EXL has approximately 25,000 professionals in locations throughout the United States, Europe, Asia (primarily India and Philippines), Latin America, Australia and South Africa.


Type: Public

Symbol: EXLS

Description: Operations Management and Analytics

Industry: IT Services

Headquarters: New York, NY

Size: 24,100 employees

Specialties: Operations Management, Decision Analytics, Technology Platforms, Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Insurance, Risk & Financial Management, Travel, Transportation and Logistics, Banking and Financial Services, Operations & Process Excellence, and Utilities

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