An employee works on his computer at the office of CloudFactory, a Canadian startup that based itself in Kathmandu, where it hires teams of Nepalese October 5, 2012. Not far from the world of regimented cubicles and headset-toting call centre operators, a quiet revolution is stirring in its slippers. While it's early days, proponents of so-called commercial crowdsourcing contend that a swelling army of global freelancers is already disrupting traditional outsourcing - from preparing tax statements to conducting research on pediatricians. Picture taken October 5, 2012. To match story ASIA-FREELANCE/ REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar (NEPAL - Tags: SOCIETY BUSINESS)

Financial attractiveness: 3.14

People skills and availability: 2.71

Business environment: 1.19

Overall : 7.04

India ranks very high in financial attractiveness, with a very low labor cost for a skilled workforce. The difference in timezones results in several pros and cons: while efficiencies can be improved with work being undertaken overnight outside of normal business hours, communication is hampered and projects are often slowed by the delay in relaying information. Additionally, work standards can be low due to poor client communication and translation issues. Additionally, India’s success has led to an explosion in development resources of dubious reliability, making it difficult to judge the viability of an Indian development company.