Financial attractiveness: 2.67

People skills and availability: 1.61

Business environment: 1.61

Overall : 5.90

Mexico is an attractive destination for IT outsourcing, falling in the “Nearshoring” category for U.S. and Canadian based companies. English proficiency, especially in the IT Industry, is no longer a barrier between companies in the U.S and the burgeoning pool of talent emerging from Mexico’s universities. IT outsourcing or team enhancement in Mexico is now etched permanently in the ‘product development play-book’ of most CTOs. While cultural affinity, proximity and time zone take center stage in the list of reasons to outsource to Mexico, one of the biggest underlying factors is the proximity to silicon valley. The Mexican IT Industry has had front row seats to the world’s tech innovation capital for two decades watching a never ending quest for resources. Mexico’s response is a permanent solution built on the foundations of higher English proficiency and the security of NAFTA.