10 Steps for Leaders to Inspire a Culture of Innovation


  1. Clearly explain that innovation is desired in ALL areas of the business. Without the clarity, employees might assume product innovation is the sole focus.


  1. Explore weaknesses and opportunities that may be invisible to experts within their know-how. Sometimes employees can be very helpful when inspired to think outside their own departments.


  1. Create a contest rewarding the “dumbest ideas that just might actually work!” This approach eliminates the stigma of weird, unrealistic suggestions, allowing employees to really get creative and think outside the box.


  1. Use crowdsourcing to strengthen innovation. Use the internet to gain insight from anyone.


  1. Read open-ended answers on surveys. These answers could possess an exclusive idea.


  1. Consider innovations from other departments. A successful adjustment could be implemented throughout the company.


  1. Regard previous innovations that could be tweaked for new products or new segments.


  1. Credit mistakes. When looked at from a different perception, mistakes may actually be a positive aspect.


  1. Location can play a role in innovation. Allowing ideas to grow separately from the daily task and decisions in the business could inspire greater ease of innovation.


  1. Encourage anything and everything. Provide no limitations – anything can be created, destroyed or changed.


Full article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/micahsolomon/2016/12/31/an-innovative-start-to-2017-10-leadership-steps-to-take-toward-an-innovation-culture/#668ab33074e0

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