What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality can be described as an interactive simulation, generated by a computer, where a 3D image is layered and projected to create an illusion. VR software uses sound and motion tracking in attempts to trick the user’s brain to believe the environment is real.  


VR Headset: Which one to buy?

PlayStation VR – ₤349

  • Designed to use with Sony’s PlayStation 4
  • Range of VR content available

Oculus Rift – ₤549

  • Designed to use with PC
  • Windows 10
  • “Plug ‘n’ play” experience
  • Head tracking
  • Requires Xbox One controller

HTC Vive – ₤759

  • Designed to use with PC
  • Comes with two controllers and two base stations
  • Position tracking


Mobile VR: Which options are available?

Google Cardboard

  • Headsets are made from cardboard and supplied by Google
  • VR apps are available via the Apple Store

Homido VR

  • Soft padded headset
  • 100-degree field of view
  • Lense adjustment available

Samsung Gear

  • Works only with Galaxy devices
  • Oculus technology

Google Daydream 

  • Works only with Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL
  • Exclusive apps and games
  • Optional motion controller


To learn more about VR games and experiences, read the article linked below.


Full article: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/buying-advice/wearable-tech/complete-guide-vr-virtual-reality-htc-vive-oculus-rift-playstation-vr-mobile-vr-games-apps-vr-porn-geforce-now-2017-3637153/

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