Background: One of the many controversial issues President Trump has addressed since coming into office involves visas for high-skilled foreign workers. 

Advocates: Trump is attempting to place more strict regulations in hopes to keep these highly skilled jobs for American citizens and not outsource them to other countries. 

Criticism: Opposers say they cannot find Americans for the jobs and need to look elsewhere to fill the positions. 


Update: Monday, a fresh round of visa applications were accepted by the federal government. However, the campaign promises by President Trump were not included. 

What happened?: Although not all of Trump’s proposed changes were implemented, one aspect was announced that could affect outsourcing companies. Controversial outsourcing companies are going to be open for more inspection by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. A large portion of these companies are based in India.

What does this mean for companies who outsource?:  H1B visas are no longer going to be easy to obtain. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service is switching things up and trying news ways to inspect companies. They are looking for companies who already have a high ratio of H-1B workers and off-site employees who work at other company locations off-site (A.K.A. outsourcing companies). 


Other News: One proposed bill pending in Congress would increase the minimum salary that must be paid to these H1B visa employees to $100,000. Currently, these temporary employees must be paid $60,000 and if below, the company is faced with taxing requirements.  

Why do they want to implement?: To make sure companies aren’t just outsourcing these jobs for cheaper labor. 

Source: Wall Street Journal

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